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wedding photography rajapalayam chennai 2023

services of Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 – Traditional photography, Candid photography, Cinematic Videos, Outdoor shooting for couples and friends, Drone Video shooting, Best Premium Photography, and Video Albums.

Traditional photography is capturing lively images of traditional rituals. This includes guest photos, stage group photos, and studio set or décor photos with standard, regular posing styles.

Candid photography and Cinematic Videography are methods of focusing on the couple and their family during the wedding event.similarly, in this method, we capture the more creative, cinematic, and non-posing natural movements.

What we use :

Advanced, high-quality cameras, lenses, latest equipment, latest editing methods, and professional photographers are employed for Candid photography and cinematic videos.

At an outdoor shoot, couples are photographed at different outdoor locations or favorite locations to capture the beautiful, natural backgrounds. This makes the pictures romantic. Outdoor shoots can be captured for Couples, Individuals, Models, Maternity, etc.

Helicam shooting/drones/flying cameras are used at special events to creatively capture the Aerial view using flying cameras like DJIs by Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023.

LED Televisions/Walls are used to telecast live events to all corners of the venue. At a wedding event, video cameras are synced to LED Televisions with live editing. So, guests can enjoy the wedding event from any corner of the venue.

Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 always concerned about the Quality of the final output delivered to our Clients. Hence, we carefully choose best-in-class printers, serving from different parts of India for printing our albums with Sharpness, Vivid Colors, High-quality paper & Durability.


Albums and video :

Wedding Photos are printed in Premium Photo Albums. Videos are delivered in pen drives.

Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 covers Bridal make-up, jewelry, outfits, venue, decor, bride, and groom getting ready, their portraits, individual and together, portraits of family members, guests who actively participate in the event, all the ceremonies and rituals.


Request :

In addition to this, we consider any particular shots that the client requests and try our best to get all those shots. But, due to various unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control, we may not be able to guarantee all those shots. We shoot around 6-8 hours a day.

You can always choose the number of Professional Photographers & Videographers for your wedding event. Provide us with detailed instructions about the wedding event and the expected number of guests, so, we can suggest the team count and specialists for your event.

 Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 Delivery of the final work would take approximately 30 to 45 working days as per the following delivery details, from the day of final photo selection by clients.


Wedding Photography

Wedding photos, up to 200 to 250 edited pictures for a single album, in a combination of Candid wedding photos and Traditional wedding photos. Soft copies are delivered through digital devices like pen drives.

You can add additional wedding photos with extra sheets to the album for an extra charge.


Cinematic videos

We deliver Cinematic videos of weddings/events. They feature up to 3 to 5 minutes of creative, Cinematic, full HD videos.


Traditional videos

Traditional wedding video as a 1 to 2-hour movie covers the entire wedding event.

Being a Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 Our professional charges are on a session basis. Every event is different, ranging from Ceremonies, rituals, and conferences therefore charges also depend on the duration of the event.



Professional charges vary as per the number of services you choose.


Budget :

We have the best wedding photography and videography packages that suit your budget. Please feel free to inquire with us by filling up the form or by consulting with our professional wedding photographer through the call or WhatsApp number on the contact page.

Negotiation is not something we do because we believe in skills, hard work, and quality. We request you to understand that we do not compromise on the amount of effort spent to make your event special; we cannot compromise on the payment.


customize :

Instead, Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 will customize your package with various options as per your budget requirements.

Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 Photoshoot and our professional charges are the same.Travel charges may differ as per the location and the stay of our professionals and their hospitality is your responsibility.

You can book Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 and block the dates for you by paying a 50% advance.

We are happy to provide tips and suggestions on:

Wedding hall

Choosing a wedding hall is very important to provide comfort for the guests and to have good backgrounds for photographs.


Stage Decoration

A good stage Decoration is always important because it adds an amazing look to your photos.


Dresses for bride and groom :

We also suggest the best color combination for the dresses for the bride and groom, especially for outdoor shoots.


Bridal makeup

Makeup is one of the very important parts of getting ready, which makes you stand out from the crowd on your special day.



As we all know, the very important part of our event is satisfying our guests & so the catering plays an important role in it.

We hope all these suggestions will make you feel like we are the best Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023.

Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 generally get booked three months in advance before your event. So, it’s always better to check our availability and block your dates as soon as possible.

Sure being a Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023 We will depute a Professional expert from our team and network.

According to the law, an official photographer has all rights and permissions for the pictures taken by them. Rest assured; we will be using these pictures only for the ethical propagation of our involvement with the shoot, extending to online platforms.


Promotion :

Rest assured; we will not use these images for commercial purposes except for the promotion of our work.


Charges :

If you don’t want us to publish your images on our site/social media pages, we are charging an additional 30% of the total bill amount.

We shall develop our work only when we showcase our existing work. If we were not able to do so, you as a prospective client, would not be able to find and hire us. It is only fair that all the other prospective clients are also able to see the good work that we do at your wedding.

Elite wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023

Professional wedding photography in rajapalayam chennai 2023

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