Best wedding photographer pallikaranai chennai

Best wedding photographer pallikaranai chennai

Best wedding photographer pallikaranai chennai – V FRAME STUDIOS

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Pallikaranai is a suburban area located in the southern part of Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, India. It is located approximately 20 kilometers from the city center and is known for its unique ecological landscape. The area is surrounded by water bodies, and the Pallikaranai marshland, one of the last remaining natural wetlands in the city, is situated here. The area is also known for its temples, mosques, and churches, which represent the diversity of the community.

Ecological significance

Pallikaranai marshland, which is spread over an area of 695 hectares, is one of the largest freshwater marshlands in the city. The marshland serves as a habitat for a variety of fauna, including over 120 species of birds and several species of reptiles, amphibians, and fish. It is also home to some endangered species, including the Oriental Small-clawed Otter, the Indian Pangolin, and the Grey-headed Fish Eagle.

The Pallikaranai marshland serves as a natural flood buffer and helps in recharging the groundwater. It also acts as a carbon sink, absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. However, the marshland is under threat due to human activities such as encroachment, pollution, and dumping of solid waste. Several initiatives have been taken by the government and civil society organizations to protect and conserve the marshland.

Temples, mosques, and churches

Pallikaranai is a melting pot of cultures and religions, and this is reflected in the presence of several religious institutions in the area. The Pallikaranai Sivan Temple is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has a majestic tower, and the main deity is a 6-foot-tall lingam. The temple attracts a large number of devotees during the annual festival of Maha Shivaratri.

The Pallikaranai Masjid is a prominent mosque in the area and is known for its unique architecture. The mosque has a large prayer hall, and the minaret has a distinctive design that is different from the traditional Islamic architecture. The mosque is a hub of activity during the holy month of Ramadan, with several community iftars and religious events being held here.

The Pallikaranai Christian Church is a relatively new addition to the area and was established in 2001. The church has a simple and elegant design and has a large congregation of worshippers. The church is known for its community outreach programs and social initiatives.

Residential areas

Pallikaranai has undergone rapid urbanization in the last decade, and several residential complexes have sprung up in the area. The area is well-connected to the rest of the city, and the presence of several schools, colleges, hospitals, and shopping centers has made it a sought-after location for families.

The area has a mix of high-rise apartments, independent houses, and gated communities. The apartments offer a range of amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and landscaped gardens. The gated communities are popular among expatriates and offer a secure and serene living environment.

Food and entertainment

Pallikaranai has several options for food and entertainment, ranging from traditional South Indian cuisine to fast food chains. The area is known for its biryani, which is a fragrant and spicy rice dish that is popular in the southern part of India. Several restaurants and roadside stalls serve piping hot biryani that is sure to tantalize the taste buds.

The area also has several malls and multiplexes, which offer a range of entertainment options such as movies, bowling, and arcade games. The Phoenix Marketcity mall is a popular destination for shoppers, with several national and international brands having their outlets here.

In conclusion, Pallikaranai is a unique area that


Best wedding photographer pallikaranai chennai – V FRAME STUDIOS

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